A.RK Interior Design | Award winning hospitality and commercial interior designer

About A.RK

Headquartered in Singapore, the team at A.RK Interior Design has more than 20 years of interior design experience working with international hospitality chains , real estate developers and owners.


The perception of space has its own unique identifier to each person. A sense of place is more often how what we like to be identified with, how exhilarated we get when we interact with that space.

Be it the warmth of your home, the breathtaking view from a luxurious resort, the grand lobby that exudes elegance and yet has the cosiness of your living room; spaces like these can’t help but touches the depth of your soul.

Every space we interact with holds special memories. At A.RK we believe that a strong sense of place is of utmost importance in every project we worked on.

As a boutique-sized interior designer studio, we believe in delivering intricate, exquisite and practical design and form to every single project. We care to bring you the experience, that sense of belonging and the emotional bond of each space.


Meet the team


Agatha Teng

Founding Partner & Creative Director


Kai Ren