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Design inspiration from mid-century modern period

60 years after Arne Jaconsen’s creation of the Egg™ for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, the world continues to be fascinated by the design influence from the mid-century era. The baby boomers know this design era intimately.  The millennials are not left out either, they continued to get marketed to via popular TV series like Mad Men, advertisements or even growing up with this style in their parents’ living room.


So what are some of these design elements you can introduce into your home today?

Timeless iconic furniture pieces

Taking inspirations and strong influences from mid-century modern designers, keeping the characteristic clean, simplistic lines, organic curves and natural hues throughout.  Invest in an timeless iconic piece, perhaps the famous egg chair? Lucky you if you’ve inherited one of these pieces, or be fortunate enough to find something in the vintage stores. The Egg - designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for the Radisson SAS hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark would make an impact in any living room.


Materials and colours

The abundance of materials and contrasting use of plastics and wood was apparent during height of the mid-century era.


Wood detailing plays a key feature in these customised shelves and credenzas, they highlight the clean and simplistic lines reminiscence of mid-century modern era. Add a pop of colour through accessories to easily modernise the look.


This popular and very recognisable furniture of the mid-century design period stood the test of time. The tulip chair that showcases the advancement of manufacturing technology of the 50s. The characteristic wine glass shaped tulip chairs accompany by a custom designed dining table; giving the dining room an updated and contemporary feel.


From another famous mid-century designer Eames , the 1960s classic soft leather office chair truly stands the test of time, its form and function finds itself in the study room and enhances the feel of elegance and beauty.

The colours used in the study room is forward looking and nothing that is too nostalgic. The emphasis here is the complementary patterns and colours that blends well with the form and function of each piece of furniture.Staying true to the mid-century form, the bespoke writing desk is ascetically pleasing yet fully functional.