Celebrating Mid-century Modernity

The mid-century modern movement was a reflection of the Bauhaus movement. Danish, Brazilian and Scandinavian architects and designers were very influential at that time with a style characterized by clean simplicity, organic and natural shapes.

mid-century living room

Taking inspirations and strong influences from mid-century modern designers, A.RK Interior Design‘s latest project has the characteristic clean, simplistic lines and natural hues throughout. On entering the show flat, we let the craftsmanship of the furniture speak for itself. The natural colour and woodgrain against the light hue on the upholstery shows the simplicity and elegance of the sofa. The most iconic piece of furniture – the egg chair made famous by Arne Jacobsen takes center stage in the living room.

Wood detailing is the main feature in our customised shelves and cabinets, they highlight the clean and simplistic lines reminiscence of mid-century modern era.

Moving into the dining area, another piece of iconic lighting finds itself here. The infamous and easily recognisable Poul Henningsen’s PH Artichoke is a 360-degree glare-free luminaire that is quintessentially mid-modern in style with its perfectly geometrical shape.

The tulip chair is the most quintessential piece of furniture from the mid-century modern period showcases the advancement of manufacturing technology of the 50s. The characteristic wine glass shaped tulip chairs accompany a custom designed dining table; gives the dining room an updated and contemporary feel.

In the master bedroom, we are featuring the craftsmanship and elegant detail of the furniture. The sweeping clean lines and organic shapes of the pieces continues into the master bedroom. The vivid mustard and artichoke colours add pop of colours to the mainly dark wood bedroom.

mid-century study
Study room

The colours used in the study room is forward looking and nothing that is too nostalgic. The emphasis here is the complementary patterns and colours that blends well with the form and function of each piece of furniture. Staying true to the mid-century form, the bespoke writing desk is ascetically pleasing yet fully functional.

So what do you like about mid-century modern design style? Tell us more about how you’ve used this style in designing of your home.