Gardens all over the world from Chinese to Japanese to Baroque to Renaissance to English have one thing in common – an aesthetic expression of beauty through art and nature.

Laid on the entrance foyer is a modern interpretation of a medieval labyrinth using black and white French limestone. Taking centre stage, a 4.5-metered high custom chandelier consisting of 529 individually hand blown crystal feathers spiral down from the ceiling.

Feathers are symbolical icons of Shui On Land’s logo – a Seagull.

As you wander beyond the entrance foyer, weathered timber slate clad this circular structure. Keeping to the design inspiration, this striking timber clad structure houses a sound-proofed amphitheater. Pieces of weathered timber were stacked and strung together gave the exterior of structure the look of a large oak tree.

A walk through the enchanted garden walk takes a modernistic twist with metallic LED trees and picture windows that feature the 4 main area of Rainbow City.

On a free form light box sits a large architectural model of the Rainbow City development in Shanghai.  The free form light box mimics the meandering Huang Pu River and sits on the foreground of a laser cut out mural.

closeup-backdropDetails of laser cut out mural.