A floor to ceiling modern interpretation of a tree takes prominence in this sales gallery.

Instead of hiding an awkward column, designer at A.RK Interior Design choose to celebrate the column and turn it into an artistic structure made up of individually handcrafted wooden slats. This tree structure extends to the ceiling; with the play of light and customised etching on the ceiling board gives it the effect of a forest canopy.

The open and expansiveness of this gallery is to balance space consciousness and also guide the eyes to the tree like structure that plays prominence here.

Capturing a piece of history here on the walls are replicas of ancient Wei Fang Kites. These circular discs are one of the oldest kite making techniques in China. An autographed kite by one of the oldest kite maker is part of this art installation completing the ambiance of a truly enchanted garden.

An otherwise mundane and ordinary walkway is made interesting with strategically and artistically infixed lighting on the ceiling and wall at an angle that creates a interesting play of light and shadow. The interplay of light and shadow is further accentuated with dark wood paneling and light coloured marble floors.